Fazioli at Home

Fazioli at Home

FAZIOLI @ HOME: The worldwide Fazioli Community gathers in music.

Unfortunately, as we all know, the covid-19 epidemic has been spreading all around the world.
Many countries are adopting more and more restrictive containment measures, which for many people necessarily means staying at home.

The world of music, heavily penalized by the closure of theatres and concert halls, is reacting with creativity, using technology and social media in the name of new forms of aggregation and sharing.

FAZIOLI also wants to do its part by providing a "virtual box" able to gather the video contributions that come from the international community of Fazioli customers.
Therefore professionals or amateurs who own Fazioli pianos worldwide are invited to join our "call to action"!

Pianists who wish to join in the programme must send us their videos taking into account the following indications:
• Professional filming equipment is not required. Videos shot with phones and I-Pads will be fine!
• The horizontal (landscape) format is preferable.
• It is preferable not to exceed 5 minutes in duration.
• There are no repertoire limits.
• We ask you to let us know: place, song details (composer, name, etc.), Fazioli piano model
• If you wish to be tagged, please indicate your Instagram account or Facebook page references.
• Should you want to spread a particular message in addition to your music, you can send us a short text that will be used to make the post (Facebook, Instagram) or complete the description (YouTube).
• Send your file to segreteria@fazioli.com (you will be required to use We Transfer or upload to Google Drive): It is essential for us to receive the file. We cannot use videos already published on Facebook pages or YouTube channels.

Even in social distancing, we can gather in Music!


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